Sprint 21 - Release 20th September

Sprint 21 has been all about pathways as we expand the capability of ScaffoldLMS to differentiate learning opportunities to different audiences. There are two areas we are focusing on here: (1) enrolment pathways - the sequence of courses available to learners; and (2) learning pathways - the sequence of activities within a course.

New Features

Cohort builder pathways - two new options have been added to the cohort builder for 'permit' and 'preview'. Permit can be used to limit course enrolments to a particular cohort to create pathways - if you are not in the cohort then you cannot self-enrol and the course will not display in your course catalogue. With preview you can determine which users can preview the course before enrolling - this can work with self-enrolment of manager approval workflows. Used in conjunction you can now create different catalogues for different audiences. View our configuring enrolments guide, look out for forthcoming blog posts on this topic or sign up to our newsletter as we explore enrolment pathways in more detail.

Cohort guest enrolment - to support the preview function above, we have developed a new cohort guest feature, which limits guest access to particular cohorts. It can be used independently from the cohort builder as well to grant guest access to limited subsets of your total user base.

Sub-page Module - this 3rd party addition from the Open University in the UK allows designers to add sub-pages to a course which provide alternative navigation options. For example you can start to design courses that behave more like a micro-site than a topic list and create new learning pathways through activity and content (view the video guide here):

Face-to-face webservice - this allows face-to-face sessions to be managed and booked by external systems via the webservice API. For example if you have a booking and payment system linked to your CRM you can now use this to manage your face-to-face bookings in the LMS and contribute these towards course completion.

Improvements and fixes

  • Completion locking and unlocking works correctly with RPL settings 
  • Self-service theme has been fixed to not display fuzzy profile pictures as they scale in size
  • External file feeds have had several improvements to debug messy data and ensure records are maintained accurately
  • Scripted reports has several fixes for advanced sort options on columns
  • User profile mapping is now paginated at 50 items per page
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