Configure Enrolments

Please note: there are two new options added to this feature since the video was recorded. The are described in the 'New Features' section below.

This section lets you define rules that associates – either by enrolment or suggestion – the users in one or more cohorts, with one or more sets of courses.

New rules are created by choosing to either Enrol or Suggest courses, then choosing the Cohorts to use, and then choosing the sets of Courses to apply that rule to.

The default role is one of a Student but this can be changed once the rule is written by selecting Configure icon, so these rules can also be used to assign roles like Teachers, Tutors and Course Facilitators.

You can add and remove Cohorts and Course Sets by clicking the appropriate list and either selecting new items or using the delete icon to remove those choices.

You can also delete rules, and when you do you can choose to either remove the enrolment entirely, or to convert them to manual enrolments. This allows you to create one-off enrolment events – one that is created but then remains even as the data that defined that enrolment changes – such as a user changing role or location.

New Features

Now as well as Enrolling users or Suggesting enrolment to them, you can create enrolment rules using the following actions:

Permit: By 'permitting' access to courses you allow the assigned cohorts to enrol themselves. This replaces the standard 'self enrol' method as that allowed *any* user to enrol themselves. This can be used to create a more nuanced set of voluntary or professional development courses.

Preview: By 'previewing' a course a user can review the course material without committing to it. Then they can decide to sef enrol should that course meet their needs. This replaces the standard 'guest access' method as that allowed *any* user to be a guest in that course. This can be used in conjunction with Permit - by creating two separate rules for the same courses and cohorts - so that only select groups can preview and then enrol themselves.

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