Sprint 18 - Release 9th August 2015

During Sprint 18 we have been focused on improvements to the way learner progress can be tracked, with a particular focus on VET style assessments for the RTO sector with useful extensions into other learning design spaces.

New Features

Training Plan: (view updated configuration guide)

  • New option to display progress per section/topic within a course to help learners see granular unit based progression
  • The training plan now tracks the start date for each section within a course as the first time a learner opens an activity module to identify when a learner engages each topic
  • The training plan can then project completion dates based on the engagement date and adding the expected topic duration 

RPL Completion - manually set activity and course completion to award recognised prior learning (RPL) or exemptions without needing to rewrite restriction and completion rules. View our user guide.

Meta-data tags - we have extended the areas you can add custom meta-data to include course sections and user enrolments. This can help improve reporting on granular course progress and set additional enrolment states or capture data about a learner relative to each course. 

Responsive theme - it is now possible to configure the colours of the collapsed navigation menu for mobile devices independently of the desktop versions - this should avoid potential contrast issues experiences with some colour schemes

Improvements and fixes

  • Personal details block can now be configured correctly so that you provide a user profile block on any page
  • User file synchronisation will now trigger user creation events to automatically integrate with the cohort enrolment builder when you update your data
  • Scripted report filters are now correctly persistent during a session so you don't have to re-enter them when you change page
  • Responsive theme renders custom forum emails using the new namespace model for Moodle development - this allow you to improve the look of forum emails sent from the system
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