Awarding Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognised Prior Learning can be awarded through the course completion report. It works by providing a manual over-ride to an activity module completion. In other words a trainer can manually award RPL and the learner is marked as complete for an activity without needing to undertake the activity. 

By using completion in this way the award of RPL is consistent with the Training Plan progress progress bars, the course completion status, and activity restriction sequences.

Turn RPL on

To turn on RPL go to Site Administration -> Advanced features and scroll down to course and activity RPL. Tick any modules that you want to allow support for RPL on.

How to access

Access the course completion report via the Course Completion Status block or via Course Administration -> Reports -> Course completion.



How to award

From the course completion report 

  1. Tick the RPL option
  2. Type in the reason (e.g. RPL)
  3. Press Enter to Save

RPL is now awarded and completion status will update when the page next loads or refreshes. You can remove RPL by ticking the RPL option and pressing the delete cross.

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