Event Feed AKA What's Happening block

The event feed block is a stream of events occurring within the site - course completions, course ratings, badges awarded, blog posts by certain authors and new course creations. If enabled then users can also choose to 'Follow' the events of other users

You can place this block onto a site homepage or dashboard for site news, or onto a user's profile page where it automatically filters to just that user.

This block can be added to your site upon request, please contact the Support Desk to request it.

Sitewide block settings


News reporters: Select the user/s whose blog posts and new courses will appear in the News tab

Group field: If the group tab is enabled then only events from users who share the same value in the chosen field will show. So if the field chosen is "City" then Melbourne users will see events from other Melbourne users when on that tab.

Timeline period: How far back the timeline goes. It is recommended to not make this too large - the system needs to process all logs to generate the list and it is rare that anyone needs more than a few weeks in their timeline. This is especially true when the block is on the site homepage.

Adding the block

The block is added to the homepage and dashboards like any other, but as this will effect all users (rather than a course block which you can experiment with first) please contact the support desk for assistance if you are not confident


Specific block settings

When you add the block make sure to configure it show what you intend to share

Course: You can select a subset of your current courses or leave blank so all courses are included. When picking courses hold Ctrl or Shift to select multiple.

Badges: As above, leave blank for all badges or select a subset.

Enable tabs: Pick which tabs you want to include on the block

  • All: Every user in the site
  • Following: Users you have chosen to follow
  • News: Blog posts and new courses from specific users (see Sitewide block settings above)
  • Achievements: Badges only
  • Team: Your staff only
  • Group: Events from those with the same value as you in the profile field specified in the Group field setting (see Sitewide block settings above)
  • Self: Your own events
  • Program: Include Program completions in any tab

Show post in forum: Select a subset of which forum posts to include

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