Course Rating Block

The course rating block allows students to rate courses between 1 and 5 stars. Can also be configured to allow text ratings and peer suggestions. 

This block can be installed on request to your Totara site, please raise a ticket with the support desk to do so.

Block settings


Enable text review: If checked the reviewer can also leave enter text along with their star rating.

Using the block

Use the standard Totara workflow to add the rating block to a course:

To add a block to your course follow these steps:

  1. Select Turn editing on for the particular page.
  2. Find the block you want to add from the Add a block dropdown menu.

Once added to a course any enrolled user can rate the course by clicking on the star scale.

Depending on what is enabled for your site they can also:

  • Enter a text rating (click the Review button and type their review)
  • Recommend to other users (click Recommend and start typing, the list will populate with user matches)
  • Mark other users' text ratings as useful (click "I found this review useful")
  • Rate/review more than once
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