Using course templates with uploads

When bulk uploading courses you can use a template to create an initial structure for the course. This uses the backup and restore feature of the LMS and so can add placeholder content and layouts to make it easier to rapidly deploy courses.

If you have multiple templates then you need to create an upload CSV per template as it is a one template per upload process. So for 3 templates you would create 3 files and make 3 different uploads.

Creating templates

You want your templates to be generic with placeholders, rather than being dynamic courses. The easiest way to do this is to create a category called "Templates" and build your template courses there. The important thing to remember is the short_name as this needs to be entered in the form when you upload your CSV. 

Create labels, summaries, and set up placeholder activities for your template courses and they are ready to go.

Using the template with CSV

  1. Follow the steps to bulk upload courses
  2. On the "Upload course preview" screen enter your template shortname in the "restore from this course after upload" field

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