Course Completion

Course Completion Settings

Instructions to enable Course completion at the course level:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Course Settings page: Course Administration --> Edit Settings
  2. Expand the Completion Tracking section
  3. Set the values for the following fields:
    • Enable Completion Tracking - Yes
    • Completion Tracking Begins on enrolment - enable via check box

Completion Tracking

Course completion settings are accessed by selecting Completion Tracking in the Course Administration section of the Settings block

There are eight different categories of completion, and you can set the course to require one, or a selection of these categories, to be fulfilled.

Overall criteria type aggregation

Choose here how you wish to mark the course complete - whether you want Any or All of the requirements that follow to count towards completion.


Completion Categories

If a category has an Enable checkbox, then this must be checked for the category to help determine course completion.

If there is no Enable checkbox then you just have to choose something within that category to enable it.

Course Prerequisites

This setting allows you to have another course as a prerequisite for completing the course you are currently working in.



Manual self completion

If enabled, a learner can mark themselves as complete in a course.

Manual Completion by

This setting allows users with selected roles to mark the course as complete. If used, put a check mark next to the role that can mark the course as complete.



Activities Completed

This setting will show a list of activities which have activity completion settings defined. Put a check next to the ones which should count towards course completion.




Specifying a date here means that the course cannot be completed until then, or that the course is automatically marked complete then (depending on the Overall Criteria Type Aggregation)

Duration after enrolment

This currently does not function.


The number entered here is the combined grade for the course that has to be achieved. The aggregation method for the course is defined in the Gradebook.


This currently does not function.


Due to a bug in the current version of Moodle, you must select Any rather than All as the aggregation method if you are only selecting one item.

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