Custom Course Fields

Instructions for adding a Custom Course Field

  1. Navigate to: Site administration  Courses  Custom fields
  2. Select the Field Type from the Create a New Custom Field dropdown list - options available are:
    • Checkbox - select to enable; deselect to disable
    • Date/time - accepts date input
    • File - accepts file input
    • Menu of choices - configure field from a list of available options
    • Multi-select - allow multi configuration of a field, based on a list of available options
    • Text area - free text in paragraph format
    • Text input - free text in single row format

3.  Enter the mandatory fields Full name and Short name as a bare minimum requirement

4.  Enter or select values for the remaining optional fields; more information is available at TotaraLMS Help

5.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes to save the custom field.

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