Course Backup and Restore Process

Course Backup and Restore

The process of taking a course backup and then restoring a course from backup is useful when reversioning an existing course, without the risk of losing data. A new version of a course can be restored in the same directory or a different location, and the original course archived.

Instructions for taking a backup of a course:

  1. Navigate to the course page of the course for backup
  2. Initiate the backup process by selecting Backup from the Course administration block
  3. Navigate through the 5 step backup process by selecting Next:
    • Initial Settings: select/deselect the options based on the data required for backup, or accept defaults
    • Schema Settings: configure as required or accept defaults
    • Confirmation and Review: preview of settings; select Previous to change
    • Perform Backup: select Perform Backup when ready to proceed
    • Complete: Select Continue

Instructions for restoring a course from backup:

  1. From the Course Page initiate the restoration process by selecting Restore from the Course administration block
  2. Choose the restoration method:
    • Import a backup file - choose or drop a zipped backup file in the file section and select Restore
    • Course backup area - select the Restore hyperlink to the right of the course file to be restored

3.  Navigate through the 7 step course restoration process by selecting Continue or Next:

    • Confirm - preview of Backup details, Backup settings, Course details, Course sections
    • Destination - options available: Restore as a New Course, Restore into this course, Restore into an existing course 
    • Settings - enable/disable Restore settings on this page
    • Schema - configure as required or accept defaults
    • Review - preview of settings; select Previous to change or Perform Restore to proceed
    • Process - tracks restoration progress; select Continue to proceed
    • Complete - preview of restored course page is displayed.
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