Face to Face Administration Settings

General Settings

To manage Face-to-face activity settings, Site Administrators can select the Settings link next to Face-to-face. To access these settings:

  1. Select General Settings from Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Face to Face

Setting Descriptions

  • Sender address: Enter the email address that will appear in the From field of email reminders sent by this module.
  • Session roles: The roles selected here will create a list at the bottom of the session settings page, so that the Trainer setting up the session can select the trainer(s) who will be associated with the session.
  • Disable Face-to-face activity notifications: Turn on or off, Face-to-face activity notification emails sent to users by the system.
  • Display session timezones: When enabled the timezone of the Face-to-face session will be shown, otherwise it will be hidden (selecting a timezone for a session will also be enabled/disabled). This is useful for Totara sites where all users are based in the same timezone.
  • Allow scheduling conflicts: Allow or disallow scheduling conflicts to exist while creating a new session. If a trainer in the Session roles area has already been scheduled for another session at the same date/time, the activity will display an alert that there is a scheduling conflict for that user.

Multiple sessions signup settings

  • Multiple sessions default: Enable or disable the ability for users to sign-up for multiple sessions.

Manager Emails

Notification messages can be sent to a learner’s manager as well. The following settings allow the learner to enter a manager’s email address for receipt of notifications. 

  • Manager’s email: Check this option to ask users for their manager’s email address when they are signing up for a session.
  • Required suffix: Suffix which must be present in the email address of the manager in order to be considered valid.
  • Format example: If the Required suffix field is set, then enter a sample of the format the Manager’s email will be in.

Session Cost

A session may have a cost or fee associated with it. This information can be displayed on reports in order to track training costs. The following options allow the Site Administrator to hide the cost and discount cost fields from the session creation page, if they will not be in use.

  • Hide cost and discount: Hide the cost and discount code fields if they are not used in Face-to-face sessions.
  • Hide discount: Hide only the discount field if it is not going to be used in Face-to-face sessions.

iCalendar Attachments

Along with email notifications, the Face-to-face activity can also send out iCal attachments so that learners can add their training events to their Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • One message per day: Checking this option will send an individual notification message and iCal attachment for each day of a multi-day Face-to-face session. This option needs to be enabled for Outlook calendar users; otherwise only one iCal notification will be sent for the entire date range.
  • Disable iCalendar cancellations: Disable sending cancellation iCal attachments.

If any of the values in the previous fields have been changed, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save changes button.

Bulk Add

When adding attendees to sessions in bulk, the Site Administrator can choose the field used to match against user records for importing/adding.

  • Bulk add field: Choose from ID number, user id, or username.


When exporting session attendance, the Site Administrator can control what user profile fields are exported.

  • Export user profile fields: Include any required user profile fields in Face-to-face exports, separated by commas.
  • Export custom profile fields: Include any required custom fields (by short name) in Face-to-face exports, separated by commas.

Facetoface calendar filters

The Site Administrator can control what fields will be displayed as filters in the Face-to-face calendar.

  • Add calendar filters: Select one or more fields that will be displayed as filters in the Face-to-face calendar. To select multiple fields, hold down ctrl (Windows) or cmd (Mac) and left-click the required number of fields.

Session Default (Totara 2.9 and above)

To set the Face to Face default for new sessions:

  1. Navigate to Session defaults from Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Face to Face

Short description of the configurations:

  • Number of days in future to default for new sessions - When creating a new session, it's start and finish dates will default to this many days in the future.
  • Week days only - When defaulting the start and finish dates only count week days
  • Default start time - Default start time for new sessions
  • Default days between start and finish - The default number of days between the session start and finish
  • Default finish time - Default finish time for new sessions


Rooms allows you to set up rooms in Totara that can be used when creating a face to face session. Totara allows you to hold the following information about the rooms:

  • Room Name
  • Building
  • Address
  • Capacity
  • Description

To set up a new room:

  1. Select Rooms from Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Face to Face
  2. Select Add a room
  3. Complete the rooms details
    1. Room Type: The room type is used to determine if the system should try and prevent room booking conflicts. This will prevent a room from being booked for 2 sessions that are running at the same time.
  4. Select Add a room


Notification templates

  1. Select Notification Templates from Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Face to Face
  2. The predefined notifications templates are displayed.
    1. Select edit  to change the default notification template.
    2. Select Hide to disable a default notification template

To add a new notification template:

  1. Select Notification Templates from Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Face to Face
  2. Select Add
  3. Complete the template fields.
  4. Select Add

NOTE: If you select Update all activities all facetoface activities that have notifications based off this template will be updated with the changes that have been made.


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