Auto Enrolment Plugin

The Auto Enrolment plugin allows for an enrolment into a course to occur automatically when a user views a course or an activity or resource on the course page. 

Note: From Totara 2.9 the functionality has been has been extended to include enrolment in a course on login to the system.

Auto Enrolment System Settings

Enable Auto enrolment plugin 

To enable the auto enrolment plugin:

  1. Select Manage enrol plugins from Site Administration>Plugins>Enrolments
  2. Find Auto enrolment in the list and select the Show icon

Set System Defaults

Once enabled you are able to set the default behaviour for the plugin:

  1. Select Auto enrolment from Site Administration>Plugins>Enrolments
  2. Set the default behaviour you require. Note: This can be changed a course level if required.
  3. Add instance to new courses – Defines if this feature is available to new courses by defaul.
  4. Allow auto enrolments – Defines if new instances are visible by default.
  5. Enrol on – Defines the event that trigger the auto enrolment. The options are:
    1. Course activity/resource view – Enrols the user when the chosen activities and/or resources are viewed
    2. Course view – Enrols the user when they access the course page
    3. User login – Enrols the user when they login
  6. Activities/resources – Make possible to choose what activities or modules trigger the enrolment
  7. Default role assignment - Role which should be assigned to users during auto enrolment
  8. Send course welcome message – Set the default behaviour for welcome message for new courses
  9. Select Save changes to save your settings.

Note: If you set Add instance to new courses to Yes and Allow auto enrolments to Yes, Auto enrolment will be available by default on all new courses.

Adding Auto Enrolment to a Course

When Auto enrolment is not added to a course page automatically you can add it at the course level.

  1. Navigate to the course you want to add Auto Enrolment to
  2. Select Enrolment methods from Course Administration>Users
  3. Select Auto enrolment from the Add method dropdown menu
  4. Turn Allow auto enrolments to Yes
  5. Choose between Course or Activities/Resources enrolment
  6. Choose what activities will trigger the enrolment if Activities/Resources was selected above
  7. Select Save changes

Guest Enrolment

For Auto enrolment to work the user must be able to access the course page, this is achieved by enabling Guest Access.

Note: If you are adding the Auto Enrolment plugin to all courses by default we recommend you have Guest Access added to all courses by default.

Enable Guest Access by default

  1. Select Guest access from Site Administration>Plugins>Enrolments
  2. Set Add instance to new courses to Yes
  3. Set Allow guest access to Yes
  4. Select Save changes

Add Guest Access to a course page

  1. Navigate to the course you want to add Auto Enrolment to
  2. Select Enrolment methods from Course Administration>Users
  3. Select Guest Access from the Add method dropdown menu



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