On The Job Plugin (Benchmark)

Adding OTJ to Course Page

Set up benchmark activity

To add the benchmark activity to a course page:

  1. Login in with Editing Trainer permissions or higher
  2. Navigate to the course page
  3. Select Turn editing on
  4. Select Add an Activity or a Resource
  5. Select Benchmark and click Add
  6. Add the Benchmark activity name and description and complete the other activity settings:
    1. Display description on the course page when checked will display the text in the description box under the activity link on the course page
    2. Manager sign off when checked there is a check box added to managers to sign off the benchmark topics.
    3. Item completion witness when checked there is check box and comment field for a witness to mark the benchmark topics.
  7. If required you can set Restricted access
  8. Activity completion should be set to:
    1. Completion Tracking: Show activity complete when conditions are meet
    2. Condition: All required topics are complete and, if enabled, witnessed
  9. Select Save and display or Save and return to course page.

The benchmark activity has now been set up, you now need to set up the benchmark topics. These are the statements the learner will be measured against.

Benchmark topics

Once the activity is set up you need to add the topics and topic items that the learner is to be assessed against.

  1. From the benchmark activity evaluate page, select Edit topics from Settings menu
  2. Select Add topic
  3. Give your topic a name and complete the settings:
    1. Optional completion when selected this Topic does not need to be complete for the activity to complete
    2. Competencies if you are using competencies this is where you would select the relevant course competencies for this topic.
    3. Allow comments when checked general comments can be added when evaluating a learner.
  4. Select Save changes

You can add as many topics as you need, once you have added you topics you need to add your topic items.

Topic Items

To add an item to a topic

  1. From the benchmark activity evaluate page, select Edit topics from Settings menu
  2. All your topics are displayed. Select the Add topic item (green plus sign)
  3. Add the details and select the options:
    1. Optional Completion when checked this Topic item does not need to be complete for the activity to complete
    2. Allow file uploads when checked this allows files to be uploaded as evidence of items
  4. Select Save changes.

Assigning Benchmark roles

For managers and assessors they need the permission of Benchmark Permissions assigned at the course level.

NOTE: In Totara 2.5 and before we would recommend setting up an audience and then assigned the Benchmark Permissions at the course level to the audience.

As an evaluator

To evaluate a user on a benchmark activity you need to:

  1. Navigate to the course page
  2. Select the Benchmark activity
  3. Select Evaluate students
  4. The list of enrolled users displays, find the user you wish to evaluate and select Evaluate
  5. Complete your sections
  6. When finished select Evaluate students to select another learner
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