Dynamic Audiences

To create a dynamic audience

  1. Select Audience from Site Administration menu > Users > Accounts
  2. The Audience management page appears and any audiences already set up are displayed here. Select Add new audience
  3. Type in the Audience Name. This is a mandatory field. 
  4. Set the Context. An Audience should only be set up at a ‘system’ context. It makes audiences much simpler to administer
  5. Select Dynamic from the Type dropdown field. 
  6. Set the Audience ID and Description if required. 
  7. Set the Start date and End date  if required.
  8. If a Start date or End date is specified, audience members will not be automatically updated prior to the start date or after the end date.
  9. Set the Alerts. These control the notifications sent to the audience group members. There are three options:
    1. Do not send alerts: Prevents alerts from being sent to the learners in the group.
    2. Send alerts to affected members only: Allows you to only send notifications to audience group members affected by changes in the membership of the group.
    3. Send alerts to all members: Sends all alerts to all audience group members, bear in mind some audiences can be very large.
  10. Select Save changes.

Managing Rule Sets

Selecting the Rule Set tab allows you to set the rules that define the membership of the audience group.

Rules are set up in groups called "Rule Sets". A rule set can have multiple rules and you can include multiple rule sets for each audience group.

Automatically update membership

These options change the way that membership of the audience is updated based on when a user meets the audience rules. The configuration of these settings define when a user should be added to, or removed from, audience membership. The following options are available:

  • Make a user a member when they meet rule sets criteria:  When any user meets the rule set of the audience group they will automatically be added to this audience and be enrolled in all Enrolled Learning      
  • Remove a user's membership when they no longer meet the rule sets criteria: When any member of the audience fails to meet the audience rule sets they will be removed from the audience. As a result they will have course enrolments unassigned. However, course completions still appear in the users Record of learning.

NOTE: Unselecting both options will freeze membership until either (or both) of the options are changed.

Membership setting between every rule set

This setting determines how the audience rules behave, when you define more than one rule set. It is based on the logic AND and OR operators.          

  • If set to AND, a user is added to the audience when they meet the conditions of ALL the rule sets.  e.g. They will be omitted if they fail to satisfy even one ruleset
  • If set to OR, a user will be added to the audience if they meet the conditions of ANY of the rule sets. e.g.They only have to satisfy the conditions of a single rule set to be included

Note: Each rule set has its own, separate, logical operator to indicate the relationship between the rules within that rule set. 

Adding rule sets

To add a rule set to a dynamic audience

  1. Select the Add rule drop down menu
  2. Select the rule you wish to add to the audience group. The available options include:
    1. User profile: You can use the fields from the user profile to add users to the audience e.g. Username, ID number, Language preference, Country and any custom fields added to the user profile page.
    2. Position: You can use information from the position hierarchy to add users to an audience group e.g. Position, Position ID, Has direct reports.
    3. Organisation: You can use information from the organisation hierarchy to add users to an audience group e.g. Organisation, Organisation ID.
    4. Learning: You can use the completion of a learning event e.g. Course completion and Program completion to add users to your audience group.
    5. Audience: You can use other audience membership to add users to your audience.
    6. System Access: Use the First login date or Last login date to add a user to the audience group.
  3. The Add Rule options appears.
  4. Set the rule options as required and Select Save.
  5. When Rule set #1 is set the logicically operator for between each rule set appears. This needs to be set you are are planning to have more than one rule set. There are two choices:          
    1. And: The user needs to match every rule in the set.
    2. Or: The user needs to match one of the rules in the set.
  6. You can set as many rules as required to make your audience group
  7. When you have added all the required rules select Approve changes to save your rules.
  8. Select Members to review the members added using your rules.

See Dynamic Audience Rules for more information about the types of rules you can set.

Editing a dynamic audience           

  1. Select Audience from Site Administration menu > Users > Accounts
  2. The Audience management page appears and any audiences already set up are displayed here.
  3. Find the audience you wish to edit and select the Edit icon.
  4. Select the tab that holds the details you wish to edit:
    1. Edit details: Allows you to edit the Name, Audiences ID, Description, Start date, End date and Alerts for the audience group.
    2. Edit members: Allows you to add and remove users from the audience group.
    3. Enrolled learning: Allows you to add and remove courses, programs and certifications from the enrolled learning list.
  5. Select Back to audiences when finished.





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