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One Page Wonder Course Page Template Documentation

The ‘One Page Wonder’ course page template has been developed in response to an increasing demand from Moodle users for a more elegant, user-friendly course page compared to the standard Moodle course page. This template has been designed to display all course content on one page, broken up into sections. Each section is accessed by scrolling or clicking on the section menu in the left sidebar. Its responsive nature means your course page resizes to render correctly on any digital device from smartphones, to tablets, laptops or pc’s, regardless of screen dimensions.

Instructions for creating a Course using the ‘One Page Wonder’ course page template

New Course Page

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Category where the course will exist
  2. Click the ‘Add a new course’ button
  3. On the ‘Add a new course’ page, enter values in ‘Course full name’ and ‘Course short name’ under General
  4. The course page template is configured in section ‘Course format’. Configure the following values: Format = Templates format & Course template = One Page Wonder
  5. Click button ‘Save changes’ to save
  6. After saving you are redirected to the ‘Enrolled users’ course page
  7. Click on the Course Short Name in the Breadcrumbs to display your course page
  8. On the next page click button ‘Turn editing on’ to start editing your course page
  9. Click on the ‘Cog’ to open Page Template Management



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