Self enrolments and the To-do block


The 'To Do' block can be used to provide a summary (training plan) of courses that a user is enrolled.

The block can be configured to show a number of details for each course entry (status, duration, due date etc.). Alternately, the block can be used to show a catalogue of courses which can be grouped by either course category or using tags.


Setting up the To-do block

1. Turn on editing for the page you want to add the To Do block

2. Under the "Add a block" dropdown, select "To-do"

3. Drag the new instance of the To-do block to the location you would like it to sit in

4. Configure the To-do block by clicking on the cog icon in the block.


Explanation of the configuration settings

1. Display courses:

This is the setting for what courses you would like to display in the block. To use the To-do block as a training plan, "The user is enrolled in" should be selected. The other 2 options is suitable for using this block as a catalogue.

2. No of course in each section:

This setting controls the maximum number of courses that is displayed by the block if it is used as a training plan. Has no effect for the usage as a catalogue.

3. Disable accordion:

Remove the bootstrap accordion from the display.

4. Set display type:

This setting adjusts the title of the To-do block.

5. Group Course Catalogue by:

This setting controls how you would like to group the courses if the block is used as a catalogue. "Course Catagory" groups the courses based on the catagory of the course. "Course tag" groups the course based on the "Catalogue panel" tag of the course and will be discussed later in this page about how to configure it.

6. Show expand all button:

This setting controls the appearance of an "Expand all" button on the block (used with the accordion feature).


7. Time required (duration):

This setting toggles if the course duration is showed on the block. Course duration is set by the course's duration tag.

8. Course status display:

This setting only applies for the catalogue display.

"Default" view:


"Inline" view


9. Enrolled method:

Displays the enrolment method.

10. Enrolment button:

Displays the button for the user to self enrol into the course.

11. Due date:

Displays the due date for the course.

12. Configure accordion block default states:

Changes the display states of the accordion when the page with this block loads.

13. Sort order:

Default sortorder - Arbitrary sort order.

Alphabetical - Alphabetical sort order of the course.


Configuring catalogue panel course tag

If you selected "Course tag" for the "Group Course Catalogue by" setting, you can change which accordion a course displays in by going to the course's setting and changing the "Catalogue panel" under the "Learning Design" tab.


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