Running the Import

Step One

The first step is to configure the elements you are planning on importing:

  1. Navigate to HR Import > Elements > Manage Elements
  2. Hide the elements you are not importing

Step Two

Upload the file(s):

  1. Navigate to HR Import > Sources > Upload HR Import files
  2. Select Choose a file… to select the file(s) (OR drag and drop the files into the upload zone)
  3. Select Upload
  4. A confirmation message appears

Step Three

The final step is run the import:

  1. Navigate to HR Import > Run HR Import
  2. Click Run HR Import
  3. You are notified of any error or warnings and these can be viewed in the HR Import Log.

Tips for running the import

  • Set up your position and organisation hierarchies first
  • When completing the first user import complete it in two stages. This will avoid issues where the system doesn’t recognise the Manager ID.
    • All users with no manager mapping
    • All users with manager mapping
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