Uploading Completion Records

An administrator can upload historical completion records via CSV file.

Upload Fields

Mandatory Fields

Your CSV file must include:

  • username: The Username of for the completion record
  • courseshortname: This is the course shortname and is visible to learner in the course page breadcrumbs
  • courseidnumber: The course ID number if used, leave field blank if not used
  • completiondate: The date the course was completed
  • grade: The course grade, must contain 0 if no grade

Important points:

  • Column headings must match the field name in the Totara database e.g. username not Username
  • The file must be saved as a .csv file
  • Courseidnumber column must exist in the CSV file. Leave blank if not used.
  • Grade column must include a grade. User 0 if not grade information.

Perform Import

  1. Navigate to Upload Completion Records in Site administration > Courses > Upload Completion Records
  2. The Upload courses page appears
  3. Upload the .csv file to File
  4. Default evidence type is used for any course shortname that can't be found, the process will add the completion record as an evidence item in the record of learning.
  5. CSV Value separated by should be left as default
  6. CSV Text Delimited with should be left as default
  7. CSV File encoding should be left as default
  8. Set Override current course completions. If selected this will remove any existing course completions and replace with the records in the CSV. This is not recommended, could overwrite a more up to date completion.
  9. Set Case insensitive shortnames. If selected this will not consider case sensitivity when looking for a course shortname match. This is not recommended, could match the completion records to the wrong course
  10. Select Upload
  11. Courses automatically pick up the system defaults unless the defaults are specified in the CSV file or these can be set here for all courses in the upload.
  12. Select Upload courses
  13. Report of upload displays, select Continue.
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