Importing a Course

Importing a course allows you copy one course into another course. This is useful when working with course templates, refreshing course or making small course changes for different audiences.

To import an existing course into a new course:

  1. Login in as a Site Administrator

Step One: Create a new course shell:

  1. Select Find Learning
  2. Select In Development from Under Development
  3. Select Add a new course
  4. Complete the Add a new course fields and select Save changes

NOTE: Always leave a new course Audience Visibility to No Users at this point

Step Two: Import the existing course:

  1. Select Import from the Course Administration menu
  2. Type in the existing course you want to use and select Search
  3. Select the correct course and click Continue
  4. The next step defaults are correct for importing the whole existing course, select Next twice
  5. Select Perform import
  6. Select Continue
  7. The course has now importing into the new course shell

Step Three: Editing the Course setup

  1. Because the new course uses the site defaults you may need to add some sections and delete some blocks so the page displays correctly after the import
  2. Select Turn editing on
  3. Delete the Search forums and Upcoming events block
    1. Select the Actions icon
    2. Select Delete [Block name] block
    3. Warning message appears, select Yes
  4. If you can see Orphaned activities/sections that are part of the course, select the + at the bottom of the sections, until all sections are available

Step Four: Set course completion

  1. When you import a course the activity completion settings remain, but the course completion settings need to be reset
  2. Select Course completion from the Course administration menu
  3. Expand Condition: Activity completion
  4. Select the activities required to complete the course

NOTE: The Condition requires should be set to ALL selected activities to be completed

  1. Select Save changes


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