Progress tracking with Course Sets



Progress trackers are special charts you can add to the banner portion of the site. They are shown as a series of pie charts and used to show the completion record of a user for the courses in a particular 'course set'.

You can configure the badge strip shown below the banner to display badges that the user has acquired.


Setting up progress trackers

To set up a progress tracker follow the steps below:

1. Select Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Responsive Design > Progress Trackers


2. Under the layout display tab, select where you'd like the progress trackers to be displayed.

3. Configure the banner using the banner settings tab. Here you can select the height of the progress tracker banner the background colour or image to be used as the background.

note: The height setting only allows you to make the banner larger than the medallions require to be displayed.

4. Under the progress tracker settings tab, for each medallion you'd like to add, click the "Add another progress tracker medallion" button.

For each medallion you should:

  • add a Name (eg. Space Invader, Safety)
  • a font-awesome icon
  • a name of the courses tracked in the medallion (eg. e-learning courses, OHS, leader programs)

5. Next select the course set you would like the medallion to track.

The tracked course set can be one that is used in an enrolment builder rule or one that is created specifically for the progress tracker.

6. After that, select the background and foreground colour of the medallions. They are for the colour of the pie charts. Then select the font colour which corresponds to the colour of the icon.

Note: To delete a medallion, leave the Name and Course group setting blank for that medallion.

6. The next section is for configuring the badge strip's font and background colour.



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