HR Import Log

The HR Import Log displays all results of the HR Import. This is a good way to confirm success or identify errors.

The HR Import Log can be found Site Administration > HR Import>HR import Log.

Common Errors User csv

In the user import often you will experience a number of errors. I have included a brief description of the most common experienced errors.

  • Duplicate users with username. Skipped user ‘idnumber’
    • This indicates that in your system there is already a user with this username.
    • Usernames must be unique
  • Username cannot be empty. Skipped user ‘idnumber’
    • Username is empty
    • Each user must have a user name
  • Duplicate users with email. Skipped user ‘user idnumber’
    • There is already a user in the system that has this email address
    • Emails must be unique
  • Email cannot be empty. Skipped user ‘idnumber’
    • Email cannot be empty
  • Manager ‘manageridnumber’ does not exist. Skipped user ‘idnumber’
    • If you map to manager they must exist in the system


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