Deleting a Course

When a course is deleted from Totara you are removing all reference to the course in the Totara database. The impact of this is any learners who have enrolled, attempted or completed the course lose their records associated with the course.

We recommend good business rules and practice in regards to deleting a course and primary use would be to remove test or review courses.

To delete a course:

  1. Login in as a Site Administrator
  2. Select Manage courses and categories from Site Administration menu > Courses
  3. Navigate to the category the course is in. The courses in the category appear in the right hand side
  4. Select the Delete icon next to the correct course
  5. A warning message appears: Check you have selected delete for the correct course.
  6. Select Continue if you have selected the correct course to delete
    1. Select Cancel if you have selected the incorrect course to delete
  7. A list of the course items that have been deleted appears, select Continue
  8. The course is now successfully deleted
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