Sprint 29 - Release 10th January 2016

Happy New Year - The first release of 2016 and the start of an exciting first year as part of Kineo Pacific.

On the horizon for Q1 releases are: updates to the landing pages; configurable progress trackers in the theme; set actions and goals; training plan report type; mobile SCORM player; new course templates; and more...

New Features

Training Plan - The training plan will have automagically calculated course start dates historically so that you can determine the start date even if the course existed before this feature. This will form part of the forthcoming Training Plan report.

Emails - Welcome emails will now use the users first name rather than their full name in the greeting. Contributed back to Moodle through MDL-40651.

Notifications - New placeholder to print course grade in the Course Completion notification (NB - this will have 5 decimal places)

Improvements and fixes

  • Enrolment calendar Duration being calculated correctly
  • Profile field mapping Now working when shortname has uppercase letters
  • Notifications Memory limit raised
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