Sprint 26 - Release 29th November 2015

Sprint 26 released the OAuth component that provides a basis for a wide set of future integration possibilities. Improvements were also made to notifications and user info mapping.

The new scripted reports and template course formats also made progress towards UAT and should be released early in the new year.

New Features

Notifications - added the user grade as an option to course completion notifications and additional options for extending date windows. 

OAuth - A new local plugin that supports OAuth connections to social media sites such as Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This can be used as the basis for further integration or interactions, such as communication channels or profile details. 

Improvements and fixes

  • User bookmarks will now work when the page title has commas - previously this was causing the page to break
  • User info mapping now supports the 'menu' type profile field correctly in additional to text
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