Sprint 25 - Release 15th November 2015

Sprint 25 release focused on improvements to enrolment workflows and reporting tools.

We were also working extensively on a new course format which includes inline content editing (think: no more forms). We have this slated for forthcoming feature release - stay tuned, it's an exciting development bringing our award winning production processes for content development to the LMS.

New Features

Vertical display of course completion report headers - Depending on the number of columns in your course completion reports and the complexity of the titles, you may want to display the headers as they are now or vertically. Please contact the Support Desk to find out how.



Improvements and fixes

  • Suspended Enrolments no longer appear in the To Do block or the My Learning Plan calendar
  • Cached SQL Reports custom scripted reports now cache when run, making filtering and reordering the results exponentially faster. 
  • Month names in Activity block the months in the activity block have been shortened to 3 letters to prevent wrapping
  • Enrolment Builder the site homepage no longer appears as a result in course sets
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