Resetting a SCORM attempt

It can be necessary to reset someone's attempt at a SCORM module sometimes. Whether this be during a testing phase, or the module itself is not working properly and is not allowing the student to complete it. This is often manifested as the student launching a module and being presented with a blank screen that never loads

Advanced users may want to try and recreate this by logging in as the user and pressing F12 as soon as the module starts to launch. If any console errors appear, such as 'Syntax error' or 'Unexpected identifier' then the module has recorded 'bad' data and the attempt will need to be reset.

To reset an attempt

Navigate to the SCORM page and click the Reports tab.


On the reports page you can see each attempt each user has made. If a user has made multiple attempts you can see their name once, and the name row for their second and subsequent attempts will be blank.

Click the check box next to the attempt you want to reset, and then click the 'Delete selected attempts' button.

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