Sprint 24 - Release 1st November 2015

Sprint 24 has been focused on improving Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication with the increasing expectation that users will not require separate login credentials to access the LMS. It also saw the release of our event point tool that to enhance gamification options within ScaffoldLMS.

New Features

SAML authentication - ScaffoldLMS now includes a SAML based authentication option, which allows ScaffoldLMS to be configured as a Service Provider with Microsoft ADFS and other standards based identity provision. If a user is already logged in to your network then they won't need to re-login to ScaffoldLMS.

Pseudo SSO - this SSO approach requires a shared token exchange and specially constructed links between the two systems. This is useful where an Identity Provider is not available and has been useful to integrate multiple Drupal sites to a single LMS instance. 

External file feeds - the user file upload can now be used with any of the new SSO models to keep user details synchronised separately from authentication. This helps create your cohort and pathway structures in an SSO environment.

Event XP - configure points to be scored on any event in the system. You can configure the base points scored plus add your own modifiers. For example course completion might score 100pts, however if you are a 'new starter' completing an 'induction' course this might be doubled to 200pts. Have fun and generate discussion with your points implementation (blog post to appear here shortly).  

Improvements and fixes

  • Cohort builder fixed to avoid duplicate instances of an enrolment when using the 'permit' or 'preview' option
  • Notifications fixed to not send duplicate messages to a user when two independent notifications are configured to trigger for the same event
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