Sprint 22 - Release 4th October 2015

Sprint 22 has been focused on resolving client issues and forthcoming improvements to reporting. As such there have been many fixes to some annoying issues and a few improvements to the user signup process and competency tracking in the Training Plan.

New Features

Select2 Menus on signup - the ScaffoldLMS theme now supports the Select2 menu on signup or profile editing when using 'menu' type profile fields. This makes it easier for end-users to select from longer lists.

Training Plan - the training plan will ignore some sections from having a competency assessment, for example, induction or orientation sections which are not assessed.

GeoIP filtering - supports the ability to restrict access to the LMS based on GeoIP. For example, if you want to restrict access to users within Australia only, which may be necessary as part of certain funding schemes.

Improvements and fixes

  • RPL completion status issue fixed to prevent error when column is displayed
  • Course catalogue is fixed to display the key pop-out correctly and filter pathways more accurately 
  • Training plan has been updated to order sections and activities to match the course layout
  • ScaffoldLMS Theme has been updated to provide better support for guest user access with a "Log in" option in the user menu
  • Custom field (tag) settings will no longer revert to the default on editing
  • The improved course icons now have title text so users can hover to find out what they are
  • External file feeds now prevent re-mapping the primary key to avoid potential conflicts
  • User bookmarks has several language strings fixed 
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