Sprint 20 - Release 6th September 2015

Sprint 20 has seen a lot of small UI and configuration improvements that together provide several new workflows and reporting options. The addition of the collapsed topics format provides further options for course design for those who want more options over presentation.

New Features

Training Plan (view updated configuration guide):

  • New option to display projected start and completion dates offset from when the learner first starts the section 
  • New option to display completion status for each section in a course based on grades as well as completion tracking 

Collapsed topics - we have added a new community course format for flexible collapsed topics in ScaffoldLMS. This includes configurable course design based around being able to toggle sections to collapse and expand. You can find out more in the community user guide.

Cohort builder - as the potential use cases for this feature expand we have added a few extra options to configure cohort rules:

  • Added timecreated as user filter based on when the account was created internally or via external feeds
  • Added a "not equal" operator 
  • Added a scroll bar for managing large numbers of filters

Responsive theme - several minor improvements were added as part of continual improvements to allow ScaffoldLMS to look and feel like a website:

  • Improved options for configuring the login page layout when using a single panel layout
  • Ability to adjust block borders so that these merge into the page more effectively
  • A 2% border was removed from the SCORM player
  • The banner will ignore the carousel if no banners are uploaded
  • Preparation of the structure for the new scripted reports interface coming soon

Improvements and fixes

  • GoToMeeting sessions will no longer send a session deleted email to participants if the session dates have already passed
  • Site news block can now be added to any page in the system to improve options for configuring landing pages - previously this only worked on the "my dashboard" page
  • Notifications has several fixes for accessing the messages in the menu smoothly, showing "20+" when there are a large number of messages, and fixing issues with some filters relating to dates
  • Questionnaire now sends email correctly when this is set 
  • Personal Details block can now be configured correctly on the default profile page so that it can be added to all user profiles
  • Scripted reports will now delete all active filters correctly
  • User info mapping is now paginated if the number of mappings is high to make this manageable for larger organisational mappings
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