Configuring a binary Not Yet Satisfactory / Satisfactory grading system

For some programmes percentages or marks are not required or desirable and you want to have two grade options: "Not Yet Satisfactory" or "Satisfactory". This sounds simple until you find that each activity handles its grading policy differently. Then you get into the gradebook and it has a different grade display rule. 

This guide is intended to show the different grade combinations for each component to get this working.

1. Scales

The first component to set up is scales, which is part of the gradebook. If you're going to use this method in multiple courses then create a standard scale rather than a course specific one.

  • Enter the name of your scale
  • Tick standard to make this available across the site
  • Enter NYS,S as the result to be displayed to learners

2. Assignments

The Assignment activity supports scales so this is the easiest to get to work.

Set the grade to use your scale and then when trainers mark assignments they can choose either NYS or S for each learner.

3. Quizzes

The Quiz activity does not support scales so you need to alter how grades are displayed to not show marks and to provide NYS or S as feedback at your appropriate grade cut-off.

When setting up what a learner can see the idea is to turn off 'marks' and then turn on overall feedback to display the status of NYS or S accordingly.

In the overall feedback set the feedback to match the percentage that is considered Satisfactory. So if you need 100% for S then 0-99.99% would be NYS. Likewise if 80% was S then 0-79.99% would be NYS.

4. Gradebook

In the gradebook you can get percentage scores from Quizzes and SCORM modules to display as NYS/S using letters. However this only works if the Satisfactory grade is the same for all activities.

Go to the gradebook and select the Letters configuration from the tabs of drop-down navigation. Click th elink to edit letter.

This boundary should matach the one you set for the quiz in the above step. So if you need 100% for S then set this to 100% would be NYS. Likewise if 80% was S then 0-79.99% would be NYS.

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