Sprint 19 - Release 23rd August 2015

During Sprint 19 we have been focused on improving the user interface options with the addition of carousel banners and user profile bar to the ScaffoldLMS theme. On our dev branches scripted reports is undergoing a major overhaul of the user interface for a future release - the first round of testing was completed this sprint.

New Features

The ScaffoldLMS theme now supports configurable carousel images and a user profile bar to tailor the user experience:

  • The carousel banner allow you to upload banner images and link these to LMS or external pages. This can be used to promote or draw attention to new courses or direct users to new activities
  • The user profile bar extends the banner to include the learner's profile image, role, or job title. This helps personalise the design and encourages users to update their image for engaging with some of the newer social features.

Improvements and Fixes

  • SCORM modules are less aggressive in identifying network errors and potentially providing false positive messages to learners about bad connectivity when accessing SCORM modules.
  • Cohort builder was updated to fix several workflows where the user had existing manual enrolments in the same course
  • User file synchronisation now handles configuration changes more appropriately to only synchronise incremental changes
  • Sub-section course format was improved to support longer section titles through word-wrapping in the grid layout
  • A recent code audit identified two potential security issues that have now been fixed
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