Sprint 17 - Release 26th July 2015

As our first continuous deployment release, this brought all of our upgraded customers onto the latest ScaffoldLMS build. 

New extensions

Social learning pack now installed to all sites:

  • Learning Timeline block - show a social feed of learning activity
  • Course ratings - rate, review and recommend courses
  • To-do list block - provides a summary of enrolled and overdue courses
  • Learning calendar block - provides a calendar for enrolled course and potential courses

Cohort builder provides a major improvement to profile based enrolment management - read the full release details to find out how this can help

Custom tags - allow custom profile fields to be added to courses, catageories and activities for advanced workflows or reporting

Lightbox Gallery - add image galleries as a course resource

Mahara integration - submit portfolio based assignments

User bookmarks - allow users to save their favourite LMS pages for easy access

System cohorts - allows you to assign cohorts to a system role to make report viewing easier

Maintenance - provides a user-friendly maintenance message while upgrade are taking place

New Features

Zendesk integration - browse our Support Centre articles directly from within ScaffoldLMS using the new help icon in the bottom-right corner of the page

Certificate module - allow modification of date formats for certificate displays

Dashboard charts:

  • Set charts to be the same size
  • Change the title of charts and adjust fonts

Backdate completions: support use of the new event API when backdating activity and course completions



  • Mobile friendly responsive version of the notifications plugin with slide controls
  • Badge awarded notification type with offset - for example notify someone prior to their badge expiring

Self-service theme:

  • Scrolling navigation menus for larger lists
  • Responsive notifications and course catalogue
  • Improved control over responsive break-point

Improvements and fixes

  • Increased file limits for larger course backups
  • Don't display dashboard if there is no data
  • Truncate newly loaded items in the learning timeline
  • Fix error when liking courses
  • Add support for AICC activities in Training Plan
  • Revive nologin users in the user file synchronisation
  • Trigger user update events from user file synchronisation
  • Fix timeout issue when merging users
  • Fix propagation issues when using the grid or subsections course format
  • Fix renderer issue in Bootstrap theme
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