The Enrolment Builder is a tool that allows you as an administrator to quickly and easily enrol users into courses based on a few simple rules. It does so by grouping sets of users - or "Cohorts" - together based on parts of their profile, then linking them with sets of courses. It also automatically updates those enrolments as the user or course details change. You can access this tool by going to the Site Administration block, and selecting Users, Enrolments, Enrolment Builder

The enrolment builder is made of three distinct parts

The first, sets the rules of which cohorts will be enrolled into which sets of courses. It can also be used to suggest courses to cohorts, instead of directly enrolling them

The second allows you to create and edit those cohorts, based on any part of a users profile, and a user can belong to more than one cohort. For example, the Nine Lanterns' Staff cohort will contain all users from both the Sydney and Melbourne staff cohorts.

The third allows you to create and edit the sets of courses, based on any part of the course's definition, and a course can also belong to more than one set.

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