Cohorts are sets of users, and these are defined here by using one or more filters against any of the user profile fields. To create a new Cohort, click the Add button then give it a name.

Then, choose one of the available profile fields.
Then, choose an operator and then enter the data to filter against.
Depending on the type of field you have chosen, the operators and data types will be different.

In the case of a word – or “string” – some of the operators you can choose are ‘contains’ or ‘is not equal to’ and the data is a free text entry field. In this case I will filter for any user whose Institution is Nine Lanterns.

Each time you add a new filter an updated list of results appears below, and these are the users who will be included in this cohort.

In the case of a date – such as when a user last accessed the site – some of the operators you can choose are Is Before or Is After and you can set a particular calendar date.

Or you can use a “relative” date – one that references the current date. So in this case I am filtering for any user who has not logged in for a year or more.

Next to each filter you can see how many users it applies to. The first applies to 271, the second to 146. In the lower left you can see how many BOTH apply to, which is 123.

The filters need to apply to BOTH because those filters are connected by the word AND – it must apply to filter one AND filer two.

This can be changed to OR instead – by doing so the numbers for each filter do not change, but the total number of users in the Cohort has risen from 123 to 294.

Once you are happy with your filters and the cohort it creates, select Save Changes.

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