Embedding Externally Hosted Video (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube)

ScaffoldLMS supports filters that make embedding video from popular cloud hosting sites easy. 

Vimeo and Youtube provide streaming media hosting for your videos with the advantage of managing codecs and optimisation for you. 

It is possible to use either private or public channels to protect your videos as you need.

Once your video is uploaded to your preferred site you can embed the video anywhere in ScaffoldLMS in 3 simple steps.

1. Select the embed media button in the text editor

2. Copy the URL of the video

3. Enter a video title as the name

When you insert the media into the editor it will display the title as a link while editing. However once you save it will display the embedded video in the content area.

In this approach ScaffoldLMS will handle the media player for you, which is more stable than trying to embed this in an iframe, which will often fail due to security filters in different parts of the system.

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