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Dashboard Chart Configuration

To configure the block select the Configuration icon in the title bar.

Each of the options are described in the table below.

Course Two-column selector of any course Choose the courses that you want to compare. Be aware that selecting too many courses will make some chart types difficult to read.
Group The user profile parameter which defines who can see charts and which charts they see This is an important decision and is described in further detail below
Users Options to include deleted, suspended, unenrolled or expired enrolment users Check each group you want to include in the chart data.
Layout How the charts will be displayed Choose from Single panel and Double panels from the 'Add another layout' menu and select Add.
You can also rearrange the existing panels by dragging them up and down
Fold from second layout Whether all panels are displayed immediately, or if you must click 'Show more' to view the second and subsequent panels Tick if you want the second and subsequent panels to be hidden by default.
Where this block appears Standard Moodle block settings Leave as default
On this page Standard Moodle block settings

Leave as default


The Group field is the user profile field that you want to use to distinguish between groups of users and the sets of charts they see.

For every distinct value that exists for that chosen field - across all users in your database - you are able to select a different set of charts to display.

It is best to choose a value which has the bare minimum of variation between users that still allows you select the range of chart sets that you need to fulfil your business requirements.

For example, you may want to display different charts depending on where the user works. If you choose the group of City you may have to define charts for hundreds of different groups across the country. Whereas choosing State you would have to define less than ten sets. State does not allow for as much variation as City does - but certainly requires less work!

If you want to show the same chart set to everyone on the site, choose the field that has the least variation possible. Most of the time this will be Country.

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