Dashboard Charts - Introducing Dashboard Charts

The Dashboard Chart plugin displays a series of charts, graphs and tables indicating comparative progress in a select number of courses.

In the example above a set of charts have been selected that show comparative completion rates in three courses. The three pie charts show comparative completion rates for a user in their Country, City and Subject - in this case AU, Melbourne and English. A different user might see AU, Sydney and Maths.

A completely different set of charts can be shown to each user group and you can choose which profile field defines the groups (eg - Country, Department, Role Level)

More than one Dashboard Chart block can be added to your site's home page, each comparing different courses or with a different grouping chosen.

Be aware that as an administrator you may well see the charts as blank as you might not fall into any of the groups that you have chosen to configure charts for. So it helps to have a non-admin account to test with as well.

If a non-admin user logs in who does not have any charts configured for the group they belong to then the Dashboard Chart will be hidden.

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