Updating a support request by email

Method One

The simplest method is to reply to the last email you received from the ticket you wish to update. Each ticket has a unique identifier, and replying to the wrong email will add a comment to the wrong ticket and the 'fully accountable' nature of Zendesk means we are unable delete irrelevant comments.

This can become very confusing, so if in doubt, send a new email to and we can merge related tickets as needed.

Method Two

If you can't find the right email to reply to, but you do know the ticket number you do the following:

  1. In your email client, create a new email message or forward an existing email.
    The email is to the support team. The subject can be anything you want.
  2. At the top of body of the email, enter the ticket ID for an existing support request using the following syntax:
    #id ticketnumber

    For example:
    #id 123456

  3. Leave one blank line after the ticket ID.
  4. Enter the comment you want to add to the ticket after the blank line.
  5. Your email should look something like this.
  6. Send the email
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