Scripted Reports - Scheduling


Reports can be run at any time, or they can be set to run on a schedule. The results of those scheduled runs are kept for later review, and can be automatically distributed to a list of recipients. Adding recipients can also give access to a particular report when their role doesn't give them access to all reports automatically.

One report recipient may receive a different set of results than another depending on their reporting hierarchy within Scaffold. 

Establishing roles and reporting hierarchies can be complex, to get a better understanding contact your LMS administrator or the Nine Lanterns Support Desk via Zendesk.

Schedule settings

Setting Description Options
Enable scheduling Whether or not the report is set to run in the future Yes/No
Recurrence How often the report will run. Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
Next run When the report is set to next run Date and time
Format as Document type the report is recorded in Excel, Open Document, Tab separated, Comma separated, Unpaged XHTML
Send report to Where the report is sent to Recipients: Sent to the listed recipients
Remote server: Sent to a server where it can retrieved manually or by automatic process
Send recipients What, if anything, the recipients should be sent each time the report is run

Nothing: Nothing sent
Email notification: Notified via email that the report is available to view
The report: File is sent via email

Assign recipients How the list of recipients is defined Manually: Choose from a list of all available recipients
Using filters: Define recipients by use of filters

Recipient Filters

If Assign recipients is set to Using filters then add user filters to define the set of recipients. How to use filters is described here


If Assign recipients is set to Manually then choose all the recipients from the right-hand 'Available users' column and then move them to the left-hand 'Users for whom the report is run' column using the arrows between them.

Do the opposite to remove recipients.

Remote server

If Send report to is set to Remote server then fill in the details of account needed to access the server.

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