Scripted Reports - Adding/editing filters

Report filters

Report filters narrow the data set that is shown in the report, which makes the reporting process faster - both in the processing time taken to return results and the time needed to find the data you are looking for.

Reports can be filtered for any type of data available in that report type, and the report results can be filtered further by any of the columns displayed in the report.

The available filters come in several categories:

Category Description Mandatory Report type
User User profile data and site access records Yes All
Course Course information No All except SCORM Interaction report
Enrolment Course access, completion and grades No All
Activity Activity details, completion and grades Yes Activity report
SCORM Details about a SCORM activity Yes SCORM report and SCORM Interaction report
SCORM Interaction List of all existing SCORM interaction identifiers No SCORM Interaction report
SCORM Objective List of all SCORM objective identifiers No SCORM Interaction report
Face-to-face Details about a face-to-face activity and it's attendance by the user Yes Face-to-face report


Adding filters

1. To see a list of all filter types available, select one of the Show advanced buttons

2. Choose a field, an operator, enter the data to filter against, and select Add ... filter. For example, to show only courses Induction courses you might choose:

  • Course full name
  • Starts with
  • Induction

3. The page will refresh and the new filter will appear in its section

4. Repeat the above until you have all the required filters. Select Continue at the bottom of the page once complete.

Removing Filters

Every report comes with three filters that are added by default. These filter out any inactive, deleted or suspended users so that only users with active accounts are shown in reports.

1. To remove these - or any other filter you have added - tick the ones you want to remove and click Remove selected

2. If you want to remove all the filters in a section, then click Remove all ... filters instead.

Join operators

By default, multiple filters use AND logic. For example, in the example below the report will only show induction courses that started after 2013


You can use more than instance of the same filter type but they could conflict with each other, a course's name couldn't start with "Induction" AND with "Mandatory"

By changing the join condition to OR you can search for multiple hits in the same field. In the example below, the report would show all induction courses and all mandatory courses that started after 2013.

Please note

  • You must click Update join conditions or no condition changes will be saved
  • You can only use OR between two or more of the same filter type.


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