Scripted Reports - Adding/editing columns, ordering and format

Report fields

Each report is a table, and each chosen data field appears as a column in that table.

The fields come in several categories:

Category Description Mandatory Report type
User User profile data and site access records Yes All
Course Course information No All except SCORM Interaction report
Enrolment Course access, completion and grades No All
Activity Activity details, completion and grades Yes Activity report
SCORM Details about a SCORM activity Yes SCORM report and SCORM Interaction report
SCORM Interaction List of all existing SCORM interaction identifiers No SCORM Interaction report
SCORM Objective List of all SCORM objective identifiers No SCORM Interaction report
Face-to-face Details about a face-to-face activity and it's attendance by the user Yes Face-to-face report

Adding and removing columns

To add a column to the report, select from the available list on the right and use the centre arrows to move to the included columns on the left. To remove a column, do the opposite.

The order in which you add columns dictate the order in which they appear in the report table. The first added appears as the left-most column, the second added appears after that, and so on.

Any category that has a red title is mandatory and must have at least one column selected for it.

Order by

Any of the selected columns can be chosen as the one by which the report results are initially ordered. The report can be reordered by any column after the results appear.

Choose a column and a sort direction.

Date format

Any date columns can be formatted in a range of styles. The format chosen will affect all date columns in this report only.

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