Using Wikis

Creating the first page

Once the wiki is set up, a user will click the link and reach the following screen.

This is also reached by selecting Save and display from the wiki settings screen.

Select format and then Create page; a field with the following tabs displays.

View The View tab allows users to display and view the wiki page.
Edit The Edit tab allows users to edit the wiki page.
Comments The Comments tab allows users to see and add comments about the wiki.

The History tab allows users to see what has been altered in the wiki.

Compare edits by clicking Compare Selected.

Click Restore for the version you wish to restore if the latest edit is unsuitable.


The Map tab allows users to view areas of the wiki such as a list of pages, updated or orphaned pages etc.

To select what you want to see, click the Map menu dropdown box.


The Files tab allows users to access any files which have been added to the wiki.

By default, the Teacher role can add and manage files to the Files tab, but the Student role can only view them. You could change this though with a permissions override to the Manage wiki files capability in any particular wiki.

Administration The Administration tab is available to editing teachers in the course so they can delete page versions or selected pages. Clicking list alllists available pages to delete. The first page of the wiki cannot be deleted.

Adding more pages

  1. Type the name of your page inside double brackets. You can preview it by clicking Preview.
  2. Press Save
  3. Now click the (red) link for the page and you will be prompted to create it in the same way you create the first page. A page once created has a blue link.

The options for editing, commenting viewing history, map and files may all be accessed both from tabs at the top and links in the navigation block.

Deleting pages

Teachers and other users can delete any page or page version, with the exception of the first page, via the Administration link in the navigation block or the Administration tab. 



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