Enterprise Groups

Enterprise Groups

Enterprise Groups allows alternate visual themes and training content to be presented to learners based on a user's profile.

Configure the module to easily provide learners from differing departments or with differing roles within an organisation a dynamically tailored version of the LMS. This may be branded specifically for their team, contain a bespoke view of the available training designed to meet their specific requirements and provide them with access to targeted news items, seamlessly combined alongside general training news available to the organisation as a whole.

To edit the page for a group, first navigate to the Default My Moodle page.
This can be either be found under Site Administration > Front page or Site Administration > Appearance

Once there, select the Customise this page button.

Training Home Block

Control of the Enterprise Groups is handled through the Training Home block, if you don't see the options below then you will need to add the block from theAdd a block menu and move it to the central column.

Select Group

The Select... menu will display the title of which ever parameter has been chosen to distinguish one group from another. This can be any user parameter, such as location, state, unit, department, etc
The menu will be populated will all the current variations that exist within your database within that parameter.

Select one of them, and you will be presented with more options.


The menu immediately below allows you to choose the theme that users from that group will see throughout the site. You can choose from any of the existing themes on your site.
The only time users from this group will see a theme other than the one chosen, is if a course has a specific them for itself, in which case that theme will take priority.

Blacklist / Whitelist

If you have chosen a blacklist of whitelist of courses to be available, then you will see a link below the theme menu.
Clicking that link takes you to a two-panel list, with all courses on the right, and all courses that have been added to the list on the left.
Modify the list by selecting courses on either side and using the arrows to move them across.

This restriction of courses only applies in certain spaces, and does not absolutely prevent access, just their visibility in self enrolment lists.
Please check with Nine Lanterns if this applies to your site.

Training Home Content

The content on the Training Home block is unique for each group. Select each group in turn and add or modify the content you want them to see on their My Moodle page.
This is done using the same Resource and Activity menus as you would use in a normal course.
If you leave the content of the block empty, then the block will only be visible to administrators, and only when the Customise this Page option is selected.

Plugin Settings

These are the settings available for the Enterprise Groups plugin.
These are almost always administered by Nine Lanterns.




Group by field

Can be set  to almost any user profile field (eg - Business Unit, Store Location)

The field chosen here dictates how learners are split into groups. 
Each of the possible values in that field is a group, and each group can have it's own theme, homepage and news feed.

Group mode

No groups

There are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community.


Separate groups

Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible.


Visible groups

Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other group.

Allow group themes


If enabled, then you will be allowed to set group specific themes. Group themes override site themes (but not course themes).

Group specific course catalogue


All groups see the full course catalogue.



Group members can see all courses unless you specifically mark a course as hidden from that group.



Group members can only see courses that you have marked as visible to that group.

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