Workflow Messenger administration


The Workflow Messenger module allows you to associate events with messages, so that when that event occurs the designated users are notified.
This could be telling a user when they are enrolled in a course, telling them 30 days before an activity is due to be completed, telling their manager when they complete a course or telling a group when a new member joins.

Connected to this page are the Notifications Settings page, and a list of all the Components and Event types.

Creating a notification

Create a notification

You create a notification for every event that you want to generate a notification, as well as one for every group that you want to notify.

Access the Notifications administration screen by selecting Site Administration > Users > Notification

To create a new Notification select the Create Notification button.

Notification settings

The next steps and explanation of each setting are on this page

Administering existing notifications

Once a notification has been created you have a number of administration options, each of which is accessed by clicking an icon in the Actions column

Editing notifications

To edit a notification select the Modify notification setting icon (the pencil). Refer to the Notification settings page for your options

View history

To view a list of all messages sent for this notification, select the View history icon (hourglass).
You can filter the list of notifications, and further filter options are made available by selecting Show advanced

To see the actual message sent, select the View notification icon (play button) in the Actions column


You can temporarily stop messages being sent for a particular notification by selecting the Disable icon (pause button).
Once you wish to resume notification, select the Enable icon (play button).


To remove a notification entirely, select the Delete icon (red circle with white line).
You will be asked to confirm that action.


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