Create Training Home

To create the Training Home  

  1. Go to Settings then Plugins then Blocks then Training Home
  2. Configure Training Home settings
  3. Click on Save changes  

  4. Settings


Group by field

Choose which group you are customising the dashboard for. Select a group before continuing with anything else.
Group mode Choose how groups will operate and whether they will have visibility into other groups.
Allow group themes

Once a group is selected, this will apply the theme (banner, colours etc) that the group will experience while logged in.

You will see an immediate change, but anyone currently on the site will not see a change until they log out and back in again.

Group specific course catalogue

Each group can have a list of courses they can't see (blacklist) or a list of courses that they can see (whitelist). Which one is used is defined in the Training Home settings.

Selecting the link will take you to a list of all courses on the right - by selecting courses and moving them to the left you add them to the list.

It should be decided early which kind of list you want - if using a blacklist courses will by default be available to all learners, if using a whitelist they will have to be specifically added to each groups' list to become available to them.

The list is ignored if the learner is enrolled in a course they are barred from.

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