Offline Training Requests


Offline Training Requests can be made by learners to express interest in attending a course not presently offered by the organisation or training department.

Learners are able to submit a request via a form to attend training and can attach information that is relevant to the training opportunity such as cost, location and reference documents.

The request is sent as an email to the the LMS administrators who are able to review and authorise the request. In most instances, if approved the course will be added to ScaffoldLMS directly and the appropriate Enrolment Method enabled.


To have access to this work flow the block must be added to the front page.

Any time a nomination has been made, any user with a site role that allows them to approve training will be notified via email.

Approving or rejecting course nominations

In the Training nominations block you will see the number of nominations that need assessment in brackets next to the Approve nominations link.

Selecting that link shows you a list of all pending nominations, you can also view a history of all nominations, or just approved or rejected nominations by using the Status filter menu.
You can also filter these nominations by the name of the requester by selecting letters in the First name and Surname filter set.

Selecting the Edit link allows you to approve or deny the nomination - selecting View takes you to a read-only version of the same page.
Review the details of the submission, select Yes or No from the Approved menu and enter a reason for your decision. Select Submit to finish

A confirmation email will be sent to the requester.

User experience

From the Training nominations block, the user selects Nominate training

They will see a list of their previous nominatons. If the status is still Pending then they can Edit them. They can also View their Rejected or Approvednominations

They create a new nomination by selecting Add new.
They fill our the details of the course they want to attend, including start and end dates, cost, duration, supporting documents and personal reasons for attendance.

Once they select Submit a confirmation message will be sent to them, and a notification sent to the relevant administrators.

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