Scripted Enrolments


Scripted Enrolments allows administrators to enrol multiple staff in multiple courses based on a set of chosen parameters very easily.

They can be run on-demand or set to run at set intervals - which allows for required training for groups of any kind to be maintained with almost no ongoing administration.

By settings parameters you can ensure that the right people are enroled at the right time. You can, for example,

  • use it to give new starters access to the appropriate induction or new starter courses
  • automatically re-enrol current employees in compliance courses that need to be taken annually
  • give all employees access to an information broadcast (where critical information is shared with everyone)

The automated process means that:

  • learners don't need to be manually enroled (which saves time and paperwork)
  • enrolements can be created to suit a range of conditions, users and business requirements

Scripted Enrolments automatically updates enrolements where there are changes to user attributes, the rules or changes to courses.

Getting Started

To Navigate to Scripted Enrolments

  1. From the site homepage, locate the Settings block.
  2. Select Site Administration then Users then Enrolments then Scripted enrolments

Functional Reference

An explanation of each icon, column and function on the page.




Add new enrolment script...

A dropdown menu from which you begin creating a new script by selecting User/course enrolment



The name given to the particular enrolment script



Will display a list of all enrolments that will take place if the script is run, which can then be put into action or cancelled.


Creates a direct copy of the script with a new name, which can then be tweaked for a new purpose. Can save time over creating a similar script from scratch.

Edit User Filters

Edit the parameters of which users will be enrolled via this script.

Edit Course Filters

Edit the parameters of which course will be enrolled into via this script.

Edit Script Settings


Edit the settings of the script, such as enrolment period, role and how to handle pre-existing enrolments.



Edit the intervals at which this script is set to run, and who should be notified of its reults.

Enrolment History

A list of all enrolments that have been effected by this script.

Delete Script Delete the enrolment script

Created By


The name of the admin that created the script

Last Run


The last time the enrolment script has been run. If it has never been run, then will display N/A

Next Run


When the enrolment script is next sheduled to run. If no scheduling is set, then will display N/A

Adding a new script

From the Add new enrolment script drop down menu select User/Course enrolment

Enter a script title and an (optional) Description.

Select Submit to continue.

User Filter

The user filters create the list of learners for whom the enrolment will be made. You can filter around any parameter that can be found in a user profile - such as their location or job role.

Using filters is explained here

Course Filters

The course filters determine which courses your selected learners will be enrolled into.

Using filters is explained here.

Script Settings

The script settings determine how certain results should be handled - such as unenrolling learners who no longer fall within the filter range, or extending enrolments that have already been created by this script.

The role to assign during enrolment



Assign Role

This is the role in which everyone chosen as part of this script will be assigned. This will almost always be Student.

Enrolment Period

The length of enrolment (from today). This can be set to either Unlimited or between 1 and 365 days.




Update existing enrolments

Ignore: Selecting ignore will perform no action on existing enrolments 
Re-enrol: Selecting re-enrol will unenrol all existing enrolments and then create new enrolments 
Update: Selecting update will reenable any suspended enrolments and update the period of all existing enrolments

Re-enrol expired enrolments

Ticking this option will create new enrolments for users who were previously enrolled, but whose enrolment period has now expired

Unenrol formerly matching courses and users

Ticking this option will revoke the enrolment of previously enrolled users who no longer match the user filters, or who are enrolled in a course which no longer matches the course filters

Report skipped actions

Selecting this will include in the report all actions skipped due to settings chosen above.


To maintain enrolments, a script can be set to run at regular intervals.
You can also set yourself and other administrators as recipients of an enrolment notification or report.

Enable Scheduling

To enable scheduling, select Yes from the dropdown menu

Scheduling Settings

Unlike Scripted Reports which base access settings on the recipients list, there is no point adding recipients if there are not set to receive a report.




Once: Report will run once on the Next Run date. 
Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly: Report will run on the Next Run date, and then in regular calendar intervals from then on.

Next Run

The date and time on which the report is set to next be run.

Format As

The document format in which a report will be sent

Send Recipients

Nothing: Nothing to be sent when the schedule report is run. 
An email notification: Receipients will be sent notification that the script has run. 
The report: Recipients will be sent a list of all enrolment updates.


To add recipients first select them from the right hand column (hold Ctrl to select multiple) then select the left arrow.

To remove recipients do the reverse.


Remember to add yourself if you want to receive a notification or report.


The history page will show a list of all enrolments made via this script.
Each time the script is run a new iteration is counted, so the first time is iteration 1, the second is 2 etc.

By default the hiostory page shows all the results for the script you selected, but it can be filtered futher.
Filters are described for Scripted Enrolments and Report here, and the principle is the same.

Actions explained

Each line in the enrolment report has an Action.




Learner was enrolled into the course


Learners existing enrolment was updated - enrolment period has changed.


Learner already enrolled, and has been ignored


Learner has been re-enrolled in the course


Learner has been unenrolled from the course - no longer fitted the user or course filters.

Failed User

User has been deleted and therefore cannot enrolled into courses

Failed Course

Course is currently hidden/inaccessible, so enrolments cannot be made in it.

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