Manual Enrolments - Creating Enrolments


Learners can be enrolled directly into a course manually. Other roles such as Course Facilitators can be assigned this way too.

Creating Manual Enrolments

1. Navigate to the Course Homepage, then select Course administration > Users > Enrolled users


2. Select Enrol users

3. To enrol user(s) in a course, first select a role using the Assign roles drop down menu



4. Click the Enrolment options arrow to set the enrolment start date and duration. These are typically left of their default values of today, and an unlimited enrolment period.

If "Recover user's old grades if possible" is ticked then the system will attempt to recover the grades that a learner being re-enrolled into a subject had during their previous enrolment.


5. Click Enrol for each user you wish to enrol


6. Select Finish enrolling users

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