Managing Attendence

Managing Attendence

The Attendees link can be used to manage enrolements for sessions that have not yet run. 

It is also used to mark attendance and to export data about session attendance.

1.From the session list click the Attendees link

2.Click on ADD/MOVE attendees to view enrolled users

3. Use the Add and Remove buttons to manage attendance


Marking attendence


 1. For sessions that are in-progress or are complete attendence records can be updated. Go to the sessions list and click on the Attendees link.


In the above image the Attendees link is greyed out. This is because the session has finished. The link is still active.


2. A list of enrolled learners is now displayed.

The options allow you to:

  • view information about attendees and the session
  • add or remove learners
  • manage attendance

3. Click on TAKE attendance. The list of enrolled users is displayed. Update the fields and use the drop down to indicate attendance and click on Save attendance.


In the image above a custom field called 'Participation' has been created. This allows the trainer to comment on how and if learner's participated in the face to face session.

These 'custom fields' can be created to capture any information that is relevant, refer to the information on fields.


Exporting attendance records

 The list of session filters allow you to search for specific things in all available sessions.

Filter for example by location and run an attendance report based on this.

1. Use the filter to search by a date range, by venue, location or status to see what sessions are available.

2. Go to export attendance at the bottom of the session list.

Use the dropdown to choose the format for the data, then select Download table data as.

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