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Face-to-face activities are used to keep track of in-person trainings which require advance booking.

Each activity is offered in one or more identical sessions. These sessions can be given over multiple days.

Reminder messages can be sent to users and their managers at a set time before the session is scheduled to start.
Confirmation messages are sent when users sign-up for a session and when they cancel one.

Manage the logistics of face to face training by:

  • using flexible enrolment options to enrol learners
  • managing date changes
  • using wait lists if events are full 
  • managing cancellations
  • configuring sessions with location, time, and maximum number of people.

Configure settings to:

  • offer activities as one or more identical sessions
  • deliver sessions over multiple days
  • send reminder messages to users and managers before a session is scheduled to start
  • send confirmation messages when users sign-up for a session or cancel attendance.

Face to face sessions are set up using 'activities' and 'sessions'. Both of these are added to 'courses'.

It is important to consider how multiple sessions will be run as your starting point.

Here are four ways that trainers have used 'activities' and 'sessions' to suit their face-to-face training needs.

Trainer A

Is running the Introduction to wellbeing course. It's made up of three Instructor-led sessions on health and wellness.

The material is being taught over a three week period. Participants must attend every session and do the sessions in a particular order. 

Trainer A sets up one activity 'Introduction to wellbeing'. He sets this up as one 'session' with multiple dates. By booking into the session the learner is committing to all three dates.
Trainer B Is offering a face-to-face session for new employees. They can attend a Monday, Wednesday or Friday induction session in a given week.

Trainer B sets up one activity the 'Induction and welcome' session. He adds three 'sessions' to that activity at different times so that employees can choose a date and time that suits them.

Trainer C Is running compliance modules throughout the year. She's running OH&S, EEO and Privacy. Whilst these all fall under the 'compliance' umbrella, Trainer C sets up three separate activities (OH&S, EEO and Privacy) for better tracking and management of each session.
Trainer D Is running a series of progressively advanced instructor-led first aid courses. Each requires completion of the previous course. Trainer D sets this up as a series of separate activities and uses the activities 'restrict access' settings to require completion of previous levels before continuing with the training.


Creating an activity

On the course homepage of a weekly or topics course, turn editing on and select Face-to-face from the Add an activity drop down menu.





The name of the activity.


The purpose of the activity

Third party email addresses

These are addresses of people who are not the learner or their manager who should get notified when people join or leave a session. Most usually the trainers themselves

Notifiy third parties about wait-listed sessions

Wait listed sessions do not yet have a time defined. If ticked then the third parties listed above will get notified about these sessions too.

Sessions displayed on course page

You can choose any even number between 0 and 18. That number of upcoming sessions will be shown with the activity on the course page. This may allow learners to jump to a desired session time quicker.

Approval required

If checked then when a learner signs themselves up for a session, a notification is sent to their manager to approve it.


If Show on the Calendar is ticked, then this activity and its sessions will be marked on the site calendar.
The Short name will be used as the session description intead of the activity name

This would only be recommended for activities involving a large percentage of the site's learners as the calendar can quickly become full otherwise.


At several stages in the sign-up process an email is sent to the learner, the third parties involved and (optionally) the learners manager.
You can edit the content of those messages, as well select who receives some of them.

Request Message
This email is sent on request of a session that requires approval. The content is only editable if Approval required is checked

Confirmation Message
Sent when signed up for a session. Send notice to manager can be checked here also.

Reminder Message
Sent X days before the session begins. Send notice to manager can be checked here also and the Days before message is sent can be set to between 1 and 20 days.

Wait-listed Message
Sent when signed up for a session that has no date set yet.

Cancellation Message
Sent when cancelled out of a session. Send notice to manager can be checked here also.

Activity Completion

You can set what conditions need to be met for this activity to be deemed complete.
The most likely setting for Face-to-face is Show activity as complete when conditions are met with Require grade ticked.

When they are marked attended for a session they will awarded a score of 100 for the activity.
They can also be marked 'partially attended' and are awarded 50 points in that case.

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